Reading & Listening notes

July Read&listen&watch

Read: I’ll be brief here -> my main reading is Thinking: Fast and Slow which is an amazing book with so many insights about inner working of us, human beings.
From the fiction, I’ve re-read short stories by Ray Bradbury, and they are just so amazing! 15 pages can be so fulfilling!

And while we’re on the topic of people named “Ray” – one of the coolest videos was the one by Ray Dalio (great investor)

I’m also slowly finishing “Only Paranoid Survive” – the book that I’ve seen mentioned few times at a16z podcast (which I do recommend – especially paper reading section). It tells a story of how Intel has gone through “Strategic Inflection Point” – concept that’s a cornerstone to the book, and how Intel has evolved from money-loosing memory chip maker to the company that powers so many of compute power in the world. Small, relatively easy to read and feels a bit naive 24 years later (at the time of writing of the book Netscape was doing IPO and most of what’s considered to be “a tech company” haven’t even existed).

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