Tech Talks

Here are some of the talks I gave (in reverse chronological order). Mostly focused on Machine Learning tooling and Data Science topics

Data Platform in efficiency-driven culture @ Tartu Bolt Meetup

Machine Learning/AI and product development for teenagers. Warning: karaoke at the end. August 2023, Jõhvi

Infrastructure-agnostic ML Platform + Data Monitoring. November 2022, Stockholm

MLOPS Platform at Bolt – pragmatic approach. October 2022, Berlin

AI/ML webinar by AWS for Product Managers

Scaling Data Science at first Data Science edition of FWDays conference (Sep’2019)

Machine Learning Meetup at Bolt (March’2019):

Robotex NorthStar AI meetup (Dec’2018):

EuroSciPy Conference in Trento, Italy 2018

PyData Tartu 2018

15×4 Tartu about Biohacking (when I was into quantified self stuff)