About Me

I’m a Software Engineer excited about applying data to solve real world problems. I’m avid traveller, play guitar and love reading sci-fi.

I love participating in hackathons & trying out new technologies

Currently I work at Bolt, leading transportation platform in Europe and Africa. I’m leading Model Lifecycle team in Tallinn, Estonia, that solves machine learning engineering challenges by building platforms and tools that make building & scaling machine learning in production easier. I work hands on with Data Scientists to ensure success of models in the real world context and help to enable best practices and keep technical debt reasonable

Before taking on Machine Learning topic a main focus I was working on a wide range of Data Engineering challenges at Bolt, from building in-house feature store, reducing data pipelines complexity via introducing Airflow at Bolt and building frameworks to simplify work with Spark, Redshift and pipelines on top of them; Developed first version of data lake to reduce cost of storing analytical data, built with Spark, Airflow, S3 and Redshift Spectrum.

In the past I’ve worked in Big Data team at http://wix.com, built artillery software system, attempted to build startups (successful in attracting attention at startup competitions but not so much in creating great products people pay for) studied CS and Software Engineering in Tartu University in Estonia and UPC in Barcelona.

I still consider myself a student as I have master thesis unfinished 😉